I spent a lifetime in the midst of olive trees and olives and today I feel the need to derive all the well-being they can give from those elements.

The extra virgin olive oil, of course. But also creams, lotions, supplements and nutrients for the body, for the whole body.

So, I wanted to combine my experience with the knowledge and knowledge of experts and researchers in different sectors in order to create a line of creams and wellness products, which would include all the benefits of these magnificent plants, olives and oil extra virgin.

The family tradition is renewed with a window open to the future: for three generations we have lived the ritual of harvesting and pressing, every time this magic takes shape the doors of our oil mill open and the dance of the olives begins.




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Loriana Abbruzzetti


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Azienda Agricola Abbruzzetti e AgriCamping Nature & Sea

C.da San Pietro Vecchio - 63900 Fermo (FM)

opening months: December - September

Frantoio Abbruzzetti

C.da Lago 2 - 63825 Monterubbiano (FM)

opening months: October - December

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